Fantasy Art Workshop Acrylic Painting Techniques DVD


This four-disc DVD set, with over 6.5 hours of content, gives you the most detailed look at Jeff Miracola’s acrylic painting process and will answer your many questions about creating a fantasy art acrylic painting from start to finish. The focus of the video is on creating a professional fantasy painting.

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ImagineFX Magazine gives our Acrylic Painting Techniques DVD their highest honor! – a FIVE STAR rating and Artist’s Choice Award.

“Jeff Miracola’s epic-length video provides as comprehensive an overview of acrylics as you could wish for. It’s ideal if you fancy dabbling with physical artwork after working digitally for a while, or are new to making art.” – ImagineFX Magazine

“Serving up a comprehensive master class taught by an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher, this is highly recommended.” – Video Librarian

“Jeff Miracola’s Fantasy Art Workshop: Acrylic Painting Techniques is an absolute must-have for both hobbyist and aspiring professional acrylic painters! Highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review


This four-disc DVD set, with over 6.5 hours of content, gives you the most detailed look at Jeff Miracola’s acrylic painting process and will answer your many questions about creating a fantasy art acrylic painting from start to finish. The focus of the video is on creating a professional fantasy painting.

Main Feature content  (3 hours 19 minutes):

  • Main acrylic painting technique feature. Watch as Jeff creates a forest angel painting. LOTS of information in the video!

Extras content  (3 hours 17 minutes):

  • 20 Questions with Jeff (Jeff answers many common and not-so common questions about acrylic painting techniques and more.);
  • Additional Acrylic Painting Techniques (Jeff shows various techniques that are not featured on disc one content.);
  • Studio Walkthrough (Jeff gives you a tour of his painting studio.);
  • Building an Art Portfolio (Jeff gives you advice on how to build your art portfolio.);
  • Painting a Dragon Demo Video (Never before seen video of Jeff painting a dragon);
  • Color Mixing Exercise; and
  • Outtakes and Bloopers (You all know Jeff can never say his lines correctly the first time, but it’s always fun seeing him try.)

Here are some of the topics and techniques that are demonstrated in this video:

  • Brainstorming/Conceptualization 
  • Anatomy (Creature and Human)
  • Using Reference Photos
  • Drawing from the Imagination
  • Tools for Sketching (Types, Care, and Use)
  • Thumbnail Sketching
  • Composition
  • Final Sketch
  • Color Roughs
  • Color Harmony
  • Painting Surfaces (Preparation, Materials, and Tools)
  • Transferring the Final Drawing to its Painting Surface
  • Planning the Stages of Painting
  • Palettes (Types, Care, and Use)
  • Paints (Types, Care, and Use)
  • Brushes (Types, Care, and Use)
  • Mediums (Types, Care, and Use)
  • Underpainting (Process and Purpose)
  • Glazing and Scumbling
  • Building Form through Layering
  • Opaque versus Transparent Color
  • Mixing and Blending Colors
  • Soft Body vs. Heavy Body Paints
  • Painting Problematic Subjects (Glass, Metal, Skin Tones)
  • Painting Effects (Splatters, Textures, etc.)
  • Airbrush (Care and Use)
  • Work Area (Easel, Drawing Table, Dining Room Table)
  • Sealing The Final Painting (Materials and Use)
  • General Safety (Tools and Materials)

Main Feature Full Chapter List

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: About Jeff Miracola
  • Chapter 3: Thumbnail Drawings
  • Chapter 4: Photographic Reference
  • Chapter 5: Final Sketch
  • Chapter 6: Preparing the Painting Surface
  • Chapter 7: Transferring the Drawing
  • Chapter 8: Creating a color Study
  • Chapter 9: Applying Art Masking Fluid
  • Chapter 10: Beginning the Painting
  • Chapter 11: Applying Textured Gel
  • Chapter 12: Painting the Background – Underpainting
  • Chapter 13: Painting the Background – Sky
  • Chapter 14: Painting the Background – Tree Trunks and Ground
  • Chapter 15: Painting the Background – Tree Tops
  • Chapter 16: Painting the Background – Airbrushing and Glazing
  • Chapter 17: Removing Art Masking Fluid
  • Chapter 18: Applying Textured Gel to Wings
  • Chapter 19: Painting the Angel – Underpainting
  • Chapter 20: Painting the Angel – Clothes
  • Chapter 21: Painting the Angel – Antler
  • Chapter 22: Painting the Angel – Boots and Dress
  • Chapter 23: Painting the Angel – Face
  • Chapter 24: Painting the Angel – Wings
  • Chapter 25: Painting the Angel – Legs
  • Chapter 26: Painting the Angel – Details
  • Chapter 27: Painting Vines
  • Chapter 28: Painting Leaves
  • Chapter 29: Finishing Touches – Details
  • Chapter 30: Finishing Touches – Airbrushing Light Rays
  • Chapter 31: Finishing Touches – Sealing the Painting
  • Chapter 32: The Finished Painting – Final Thoughts

DVD Information:

  • Number of discs: 4
  • Running time: 396 Minutes
  • Format: NTSC
  • Sound: Dolby Digital
  • Language: English
  • Regions: All regions
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Age Range: 14 and up
  • Rated: Not rated
  • DVD Release Date: April 2016
  • UPC Barcode: 0735201936239
  • ISBN: 9780986320729
  • Closed Captioning: None

About the DVD format:

The DVDs are region-free, which means there are no limitations on which country can view the DVDs. However, the DVDs are created in NTSC format. For those that don’t know, NTSC format is used primarily in the United States and Canada, while PAL format is used in Europe and parts of Asia. NTSC DVD players can not play PAL formatted discs. But most PAL DVD players can play NTSC formatted discs. If you’re concerned that these DVDs will not play in your PAL DVD player, consider getting the digital downloads instead. If you’ve bought NTSC DVDs from the United States before, then these DVDs should work for you just fine. If you’re curious which DVD format your country uses, you can view this list on Sony’s website.

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