• This bundle includes Fantasy Art Workshop’s Oil Painting Techniques DVD, Acrylic Painting Techniques DVD, and Ink Drawing Techniques DVD. All three of these DVD sets give you the most detailed look ever at Jeff Miracola’s oil and acrylic painting processes, as well as his inking processes from start to finish. This amazing resource is intended for both beginners and professional alike.
  • Enter a world where ink reigns supreme. Where shadows and light stir imagination. This collection of ink drawings by world renown illustrator Jeff Miracola, known for his paintings for Magic: The Gathering, features hundreds of personal works, from small, rough drawings pulled from his sketchbooks to huge, intricately detailed masterpieces. Get ready to enter a world where fantastical creatures, otherworldly monsters, and sinewy warriors emerge from the page in all their textural and gritty glory. This book comes signed by the artist. Comes with two free, signed art prints (while supplies last).


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