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Jeff Miracola Feel free to email me at jeff(at)jeffmiracola(dot)com

Signing cards or other items

If you would like me to sign your collectible card game cards, please read through my Frequently Asked Questions before you mail anything to be signed. My mailing address is also there.

School or Library Visits

I am available to visit your school, library, or other organization to give a presentation about my children's book artwork. I'm also available to give presentations about my fantasy art for kids in middle or high school.

Jeff Miracola


  • Target
  • Scholastic/Klutz
  • Advanced Photoshop Magazine
  • Jungle Dragon
  • Weekly Dig
  • Crave Entertainment
  • Dragon Magazine
  • Duelist Magazine
  • Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • FASA Corporation
  • Hasbro, Inc.
  • ImagineFX Magazine
  • Immedium, Inc.
  • Mayfair Games
  • Hasbro, Inc.
  • Phoenix New Times Magazine
  • Paizo Publishing
  • Pariah Press
  • PlanAdvisor Magazine
  • PlanSponsor Magazine
  • Round Table Productions
  • Rubicon Games, Inc.
  • Steve Jackson Games
  • Target Games AB
  • Task Force Games
  • Upper Deck Entertainment
  • White Wolf Game Studios
  • Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
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